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The Offshore Solution:

In a struggling economy it's more important than ever to control costs and optimize profit centers. Hard work is no longer enough to keep a business afloat; successful profit strategies now require innovation. Download our free whitepaper that includes a business optimization guide to print, and fill in, that will allow you to identify the bottlenecks and untapped goldmines in your business.

Collection Document Processing:

When DPS initially meets with a client we bring a client service team that is familiar with the collection industry and your specific needs.
We build a custom support team for our clients consisting of information technology experts and information processing personnel to identify the scope of information/documents we will be providing.
The support team and client will work together to establish responsibilities, identify required services/documents and schedule dates to accomplish the clients computer information management needs.

Our client services professional acts as the liaison between the client and DPS.

We offer 24-72 hour turn-around time from date information is received; the documents will be of high quality in a consistent format.

Why Document Preparation Services, LLC.?


The collection industry relies upon quality document preparation which is critical in obtaining rapid receivable recoveries as well as financial and strategic collection decision-making. Your documents are essential assets that play a vital role in successful daily collection operations. Document Preparation Services, LLC (“DPS”) specializes in providing quality, streamlined and efficient off-site document preparation at a fraction of our clients internal cost. The facts are simple, DPS eliminates costs and overhead (wages, overtime, vacation pay, benefits, sick pay, training, payroll taxes, internal infrastructure expense, etc.) so as to yield significant payroll reductions, improved efficiency and allows for expansion without the additional cost associated with obtaining additional office space, all of which add substantial value to your business.


Using DPS document preparation teams collection firms maximize profits through streamlined off-site document preparation processes.   In fact, DPS can out-source any range of document preparation or processes from beginning to end.  This ability enables DPS to provide our client’s with high quality document preparation and process services at lower costs (on average 40 to 60%).  In doing so, DPS allows its clients to not only reduce costs but gain time and resource efficiencies.


Unfortunately, many firms in the collection industry believe streamlining document preparation processes is costly, burdensome and unreliable.

With Document Preparation Services, LLC the solution is simple.  Our team travels to your place of business, conducts on-site analysis and specializes in identifying and formulating a process of preparing and performing your document-intensive collection processes off-site. Your document preparation and processes are then accomplished using specifically trained off-site teams that are assigned solely to your business using secure virtual workstations as if our associates are actually sitting in your office without any confidential information leaving your workplace or system.   In effect, DPS allows you to reduce labor costs and expenses, expand your workforce without adding additional workspace and increases productivity and profits all without the hassle or aggravation of hiring and/or managing a workforce.


At Document Preparation Services, LLC, our service and solution teams combine proven technology and comprehensive understanding of the document domain to provide advanced outsourced document preparation processes through vision, creation and innovation.  We invite you to discover how our comprehensive document preparation service teams can enable your organization to improve document preparation at significantly lower costs to free your valuable resources.  In doing so we allow you to focus on “collecting paper” not “pushing” it!